Dylan,Maris and a museum

The northern mining town of Hibbing Mn. is notable for three things. It is the birthplace of Roger Maris and Greyhound Bus Lines. Greyhound started service in 1914 transporting iron ore workers from Hibbing to Alice MN.Alice was well salooned and the fare was 15cents for the miners coming off a gruelling week of work,. A year later Duluth Mn.was added to the loop. Greyhound has it’s museum in Hibbing and I am told it is well worth seeing if you can get to it.

The third thing worthy of mention,is that Hibbing is the boyhood home of Bob Dylan, It was here, that his dad Abe ,helped run the family business,an electric and appliance shop. It was from here that Dylan started his journey,which,over 50 years later is still ongoing.

It was here,that I had hoped to visit and do all the fanatical things that a fan does. See the house he grew up in,the store, his high school and hopefully talk to some folk who may have known him.A Hibbing walkabout. That was the plan.

I mentioned Greyhound has its museum in Hibbing.It being the birthplace of the world famous bus line. I was able to get the bus from Minneapolis to Duluth,only to discover I was at the terminal.The end of the line. The only method of transport from Duluth to Hibbing was the thumb.

Greyhound did not go to Hibbing,Greyhound did not go to its own museum.

I could have thumbed it,I should have thumbed it but the service from Duluth to Minneapolis was only thrice weekly. The logistics were not good. Now I say,”who cares” but being the idiot that you will know mw to be,I decided to get back on the same bus that brung me.

A decision,I will always regret. But I did get to see the house he was born in,which was in Duluth.

When in doubt,go for it.We rarely regret the things we did. We often regret the things we didn’t.

Note, this trip was taken in 2012,Since then Greyhound has a daily service from Minneapolis to Duluth,with a transfer to Hibbing. I like to think that  a very angry letter sent by me,may have pointed them in the right direction.